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Imagine the most beautiful, sun-filled day. There are a million sparkles on the water and the fish are just out there waiting. Now imagine flying across the water in one of our Rigid Inflatable Boats taking full advantage of every sporting opportunity.
Your boating envy is over!
This can be YOU in one of our custom-built, handcrafted RIBs
Fully Customizable, Made to Order
Sea Shea Rigid Inflatable Boats are available in 90 days from customized design to first sail. After a preliminary consultation our expert boat craftsmen will assemble the exact amenities you want for your new sport RIB. Alternatively, you can go on our website and design every inch of your new RIB boat yourself. In a few short months, you'll have the RIB boat of your dreams and begin making memories to last a lifetime.
Sea Shea RIBs are available in many color choices and motor sizes. They can also be outfitted with as many accessories as you like. Check our accessory list for options. No matter if you are looking for a Rescue Boat, Sport Boat, Military Boat, Yacht Tender, or just a fun boat. Just say the word and we make it happen.
Why RIB - The Small Boat with Big Possibilities
Choosing a Rigid Inflatable Boat for outdoor water fun is a great decision for many reasons. First, even though it's custom-built by us it's very economical and a great way for families to experience the outdoor life they otherwise couldn't afford.
Secondly, it's very easy to captain and maneuver. Teach your kids about fishing and marine life and when they're old enough let them take command while you sit back and relish quality time with your family.
Thirdly, it's an amazing little boat for a quick fishing trip. Less hassle and weight than a bigger boat and nowhere near the upkeep or storage costs.
Do you already have a motor?
We'll add the RIB boat.
Sea Shea LLC is an American Company
We take the utmost pride in every boat we sell. We stand by our boats and if for any reason there is an issue you will not get directed to an overseas telephone operator. You will talk to a human not a computer. We are here for you from design, order and delivery. Every detail of your personalized RIB is what we dedicate our lives to because we love what we do!
Let's Get Boating!
With Sea Shea rigid inflatable boats you can abandon your "boat envy" forever and join the fun out on the water. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and discover why our RIBs are the answer to your boating dreams.
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